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Open Mic Night - Every Tuesday 7pm-10pm

Gary Torello Presents:


This is a semi-acoustic open mic - PA System, 3 mics, monitors, Backline: Vox 30Amp, Fender 60 bass amp. Electric is fine as well, but louder arrangements may need to go on later in the evening after diners are gone.

Hosted by Gary Torello. Every Tuesday night from 7pm - 10pm

THE BASICS - This is a MUSICAL Open Mic. While other Open Mics may do poetry, comedy, interpretive dance, or other such things, we concentrate on music. Everyone gets 2 or 3 songs usually, depending on the size of the list. If your name is on the list, it's YOUR SET; You can have the mic all to yourself, or bring backup or a band, or ask any number of players hanging out to back you up.. it's your call. If you're solely a backup player (drums, bass, etc) feel free to ask anyone on the list (singers, etc) with a set if they need backup, but ultimately it's their call - please do not join in unless permission given by the set owner (usually the singer). If you need others to help you play a set, do not wait til you're called and behind the mic to start asking around; get something formed ahead. I try to make sure everyone gets a chance to play who is on the list, even if we run a bit late.

Finally, Absolutely NO political or religious speech over the mics or advertising of events that directly compete with our venue. Protest songs and shameless self promotion are always welcome.

Musicians send EMAIL to

What this venue provides:

A STAGE - Well, not exactly a stage, but a mic (or 2 or 3) and the
opportunity to be heard! Bring your new material, get your feet wet, bask in the applause!

SOUND SYSTEM - Consisting of a Macke PA System/Mixer with 8 channels, 12" mains, 10" monitors; 3 wired mic's, Mic stands, Stools, 2-3 open channels available. XLR or 1/4". Backline: 30 amp Vox AD30VT amp, Fender Rumble 60w bass amp.

EXPOSURE - Acts that give us sufficient notice will be added to our public announcements which may include any of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Posters, Menu Inserts, Email blasts


FAMILY FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE - Acts must adhere to our guidelines. (Sorry, but no Rap, Hip-Hop, or Heavy Metal). If you get on the mic and swear or are otherwise crude or rude I will shut you off and your set is done. (Luckily this is a very rare occurence).

Call (860) 997-0620

What Trivia- Every Thursday Night @ 7:30pm


Live Hosted Bar Trivia in Connecticut
Company Overview
What Trivia involves teams of up to 8 competing in all areas of trivia, from current events, to history, to math, science, literature, etc. Four rounds of five questions with a half time and final question determine the champion of trivia for the night.

La Vita - East Haddam CT @ 7:30pm

LIVE MUSIC/BANDS - Every Friday & Saturday @ 8:30 PM

Call or check out our facebook page for the live band line-up

We book anyone from solo/duos to full bands, "dance floor" opportunities as well! if you are interested in inquiring about gig opportunities please contact Paul Emmerling or message us via Facebook!

Sunday Afternoon Solo Performers/Duos - Live on the Patio @ 1pm - 4pm (April - October) / Live in the Lounge (November - April)

Weather permitting patio performances, otherwise bands play in lounge of the bar. Bring your friends and join us for a liquid salad (bloody mary)

You can see an up to date list of performances on our facebook page

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